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with integrated payments

Accept all payments with eConduit and Springboard Retail. In-store, online,
and on the go. Provide customers choices to pay with plug and play
integrated payments with your processor of choice or ours.
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Simple plug and play payments

Integrated Payments
Streamline the payment experience: remove manual keying, errors, automate reconciliationand close with ease.

Plug and play installation 
No need for IT staff, plug the device into the power, connect to your internet (WIFI, Ethernet), power on and connect to your POS.

Payment hardware
Hardware to match your budget, brand and payment needs.High end,low end,  dual communication needs, omni-commerce payments and more.

BYOP (Bring your own processor)
Love your processor, bring them to the party. eConduit connects to leading processors globally. 

Payment data is never provided to you or your POS. The payment device secures and communicates directly to your processor, no access to data, card data, or compromises. Reduces PCI compliance requirements.

Clear Pricing
eConduit service is $25 per device/month using your processor of choice. With our PAAS (payment as a service) option, you can process payments for  2.4% + $0.10 per sale. Optional hardware rental options. 

Payment Devices

Pax S300




PX 5



Your Processor

– $0.00 per device monthly
– Integrated payments
– Hardware deployed by eConduit (costs above)
– email support
– Standard RMA for hardware returns (3-4 weeks)
– Reporting provided by card processor


– Payments program catered to your business
– Smart devices, professional brand
– Cost cutting strategies
– eChecks, alternative, Apple Pay, pay your way
– Secure data storage, repeat sales
– Online, mobile and storefront
– Know your customers
– Works with Springboard Retail
– EXCEPTIONAL support for POS and payments

We Know Integrated Payments

No phone trees, being transferred to the 8th person, or generic support services.
We know integrated payments and solve your issues!
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