Pax TSYS Voltage

When requesting a VAR/parameter sheet, request the following:

Standard TSYS Sierra Parameter Requirements

  1. Merchant ID
  2. Acquirer BIN
  3. Agent Bank Number
  4. Agent chain number
  5. Store number
  6. Terminal number
  7. MCC
  8. Terminal ID
  9. Debit sharing group
  10. Merchant ABA
  11. Settlement agent
  12. Reimbursement Attribute
  13. FCS ID
  14. Full merchant business information

Voltage Additional Requirements

  • Gen2 Terminal Authenication enabled
  • Voltage tokenization enabled

The Gen2 field will be populated and added to the VAR sheet.  It will be tested prior to deployment.

The Pax BroadPOS file must be configured with Voltage E2EE enabled and the Gen2 Auth Code added as shown below.