Unable to Connect

Please follow these procedures to determine the cause of not being able to connect to your payment terminal.  This is mainly caused by poor internet connection or local network issue:

  1. Plug the payment device with one end of the Ethernet cord and the other end of the cord directly into the ISP router (Comcast, Wowway, AT & T, etc.) Do not pass the cords through any switches or hubs.
  2. Power cycle the payment device by removing the power cord, wait 10 seconds, and plug back in
  3. Attempt a sale
  4. If still unsuccessful, follow these steps to ensure the terminal can access the internet

Pax Terminal Line

  • Hit Func + “1” at the same time
  • Enter password of “1”, if using Heartland, email us for password
  • Arrow down to “communications” section
  • Click “Lan Parameters”
  • Arrow down to “Ping”
  • It will populate with “Google” in the URL
  • Hit the green button
  • If successful, you will get an “OK response, if failed, device will communicate error