The use of surcharges or convenience fees are at the sole discretion of the client or ISO.  The information below is strictly sharing the capabilities of the payment device selected.  Be sure to validate your method of surcharging complies with all state and Federal laws.  eConduit holds NO liability for misuse of the capabilities of the device.

  1. Hit Func + “1” at the same time
  2. Enter password for device
  3. Hit Merchant Settings
  4. Hit Credit Surcharge
  5. Enter device password
  6. To enabled Surcharge, select Surcharge Mode
  7. Select the fee type, options are:  Flat Fee, In Percentage, Highest
  8. Once selected, selected the type again and enter amount or percentage
  9. Confirm Surcharge fee
  10. Hit red “x” until back at main screen

Surcharge capabilities have been added to the device.