Application Update

When converting from one processor to another, the application in your payment device must be updated with your payment companies information/credentials. Please consult with your payment company about being able to build and support the Pax BroadPOS application builder. If they need assistance, email [email protected].

Once validated, please follow the steps to update your device, we HIGHLY recommend running the update after business close, should any issues arise, we can be emailed at [email protected] to assist without loss of sales.

  1. Click FUNC + “”1” at the same time
  2. Enter password of “1” and press GREEN button
  4. Enter password of “1” and GREEN button
  5. Arrow down
  6. Select BATCH CLOSE
  7. Once confirmed batch was closed, hit red button until at main screen
  8. Unplug device from power source (leave connected to internet), wait 10 seconds and plug the device back in
  9. Device will turn on a start a downloading process, there will be a progression show % of completion
  10. Once complete go to the POS and run a test sale for $0.01