North American Bankcard deployments are managed by NAB.

Pax Boarding Procedures:

  1. Ensure the minimum application version is available in BroadPOS
  2. Select application based on the terminal type
  3. Click “communications”
  4. Edit the parameters below and save the application
  5. Download the Pax device and reboot
  6. Once active, view screen for “POS Online”

BroadPOS Minimum Version:

Device Platform BroadPOS Version Numbers
S300 Velocity EPX-HC-Retail-S300
D210 Velocity Velocity-HC-Retail-D210s v1.00.01E

BroadPOS Configuration (Communications tab):

Field Name Updated parameters
Ping URL
Ping Timeout 2000
Communications Type Ethernet
Ethernet Protocol Type TCPIP/IP
Browser Cross Scripting for HTTP/HTTPs Disabled
POS Auto-Register Disabled
SAAS Model Enabled
SAAS Primary Port 80
SAAS Primary URL
SaaS Offline Prompt Msg. POS Offline
SaaS Online Prompt Msg. POS Online
Heartbeat Interval (100ms) 300