eConduit Gateway (IBX)

VAR Sheet
VAR sheet is created for Phoenix Managed Networks using the TSYS (preferred) or First Data Rapid Connect to Nashville.


  • Pax S300
  • Pax D210

TSYS Requirements:

  • TSYS stage only VAR sheet

FDRC Nashville Requirements

  • Nashville MID
  • TID
  • Self registering Datawire ID

Note:  If another MID was used for Datawire provisioning, need to provide.


  1. Use Phoenix Managed Network application
  2. Authorization URL is
  3. Add user name and password created from gateway

Gateway Configuration 

  1. Create account and add parameter information (need to click UPDATE MERCHANT before processor shows)
  2. Identify Gateway ID (4 digits to load into eConduit later)
  3. Once created, log into account and create user name and password specfically for API use
  4. Once created, add to BroadPOS file build

eConduit Configuration 

  1. Add Gateway ID (4 digits to load into eConduit later) to account