Rapid Connect Configuration Requirement on host:

  1. Must choose the software titled: PAXBROADPOSPAY1.0SMSDWRC on Nashville
  2. During boarding, the self-provisioning Datawire box inside FDPOS must be checked
  3. Auto settle needs to be set at “A” (so to prevent multiple settlements daily)
  4. IP Comm Enabled: Datawire
  5. Close Method: A – Host Auto Close

Single Settlement Configurations

Clients looking for single settlement on the Rapid Connect First Data platform should use the MAI Code AA102J (single settlement) – Paxtech BraodPOS RC Sing.

Pax Boarding Procedures:

  1. Ensure the minimum application version is available in BroadPOS
  2. Select application based on the terminal type
  3. Click “communications”
  4. Edit the parameters below and save the application
  5. Download the Pax device and reboot
  6. Once active, view screen for “POS Online”

Rapid Connect Parameter Requirements

  1. Merchant ID
  2. Alternate Merchant ID
  3. Terminal ID