Desk 5000/Move 5000 Configuration

Hardware ordering requirements:

  1. eConduit application is requested at time of purchase, it will be added by EVO prior to deployment.
  2. Device must also have the semi integrated (TSI) application loaded and enabled

EVO Semi Integrated Steps (support for semi-integrated capabilities are handled by Chase)

  1. Click .,#* button
  2. Click #8 Misc Options
  3. Click #1 for semi integrated
  4. Click Enable Semi Integrated
  5. Select “On”
  6. Select #3 “Communication Type”
  7. Select Ethernet for Desk 3500 or associated connection type
  8. Port assigned must be 5020 – press Green button
  9. Select “Receipt options”
    1. Select Terminal (must be compliant for receipts at ECR)
  10. Press red button until back at EVO screen


  1. Press Function Key (Upper most grey button with circle)
  2. Arrow down to eConduit tab and press Green button
  3. Arrow down to “Cloud Server” and press Green button
  4. Press “Start Cloud Server” – message will display
  5. Press Red key to revert back to previous screen
  6. Arrow down to “Press Print Configuration” press Green button
    1. (print out will provide Terminal ID used for pairing with Point of Sale software – example 03779804) – example below
  7. Press Red button until back at main screen

eConduit Portal 

  1. Press Claim New Terminal
  2. Enter Terminal ID and press Register
  3. Will show “successful”, select “configure terminal”
  4. Invoice number needs to be set to “001”


Example Print Configuration

eConduit Release 1.0.14


Terminal:  TSI
Port: 5020
Comm Type:  Ethernet
Extended Read Time (10 ms)
ec units: 0

Cloud Enabled TSI
Port: 80
Comm Type:  Ethernet
Terminal ID: 02437377
Cloud Started!
Cloud Connected!