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Transaction Results

The transaction results will be returned in a JSON string.

TerminalId Echo back original TerminalID provided
ResultCode Approved”, “Declined”,”Error”,”Connection Timeout”,”Terminal Busy”,”Cancelled”
If using the getSwipe command, “Success” will be returned.
ResultFinal Indicates if the result is the end result or not.In cases of comm failures, this will be false, normally it will be true
AuthCode Authorization code provided by authorization network
TransType Sale,Refund,Void etc
Amount Amount Paid, could be less than what was requested (decimal)
AmountString Amount Paid , could be less than what was requested (string)
CardType “Visa”, ”MasterCard”, ”Discover”, ”Amex”, ”JCB”, ”DinersClub”, ”enRoute”, ”Interac”, ”Flash”, ”Debit”, ”GiftCard”, ”EBT”, ”LevelUp”, ”Voyager”, ”Wex”, ”Other”
Last4 The last 4 digits of the card number
Name Name on the credit card
CashBack Cash back amount (decimal)
CashBackString Cash back amount (string)
Message Any error message returned from the terminal.
RefID Echo back original RefID if one is provided, otherwise one is created. If a tip adjustment or void is required, this value must be saved and passed in the tip adjustment command.
receiptTerminal If the terminal supports sending the receipt in the response, the receipt will be provided here. This data can include carriage returns and line feeds.
CardToken Supported on Vantiv using Dejavoo. On Pax, TSYS and RapidConnect.
GiftCardBalance The balance remaining on the gift card (decimal)
GiftCardBalanceString The balance remaining on the gift card (string)
ProcessorExtraData1 This field will vary depending on the processor.
For Mercury, this will have the AcqRefData
ProcessorExtraData2 This field will vary depending on the processor.
For Mercury, this will have the ProcessData
ProcessorExtraData3 This field will vary depending on the processor.
For Mercury, this will have the Refno
SignatureData If the device supports signature capture, this field will be populated with a base64 string that contains a png file.
EMV_TC EMV Transaction Certificate
EMV_TVR EMV Terminal Verification Results
EMV_AID EMV Application Identifier
EMV_TSI EMV Transaction Status Information
EMV_ATC EMV Application Transaction Counter
EMV_App_Label EMV Application Label
EMV_App_Name EMV Application Name
EMV_CVM EMV CVM – Integer response value
-1 Undefined (not part of the terminal response)
0 No CVM
1 Verified by PIN
2 Signature Required
3 PIN and Signature Required
4 Failed
EMV_ARC EMV Authorization Response Code
CardBin Card bin number, first 6 digits of the card
EntryMethod Manual, Swipe, Contactless, Scanner, Chip, ChipFallbackSwipe
TransactionDate local transaction time (central US), ISO 8601 format. Example
TransactionDateUtc UTC tranaction date, ISO 8601 format. Example
ExpDate If the expiration date is available, it will be returned. Format = MMYY, i.e. January 2017 would be 0117
GiftPAN On gift card transactions, if the full gift card number is available, it will be returned.
BatchNumber The current Batch number – where available
SurchargeFee Amount of the transaction surcharge. This fee is already added to the amount field.
PaymentMethod Credit, Debit, EBTfood, EBTcash, Gift

JSON Response

 "TerminalID": "1234",
 "ResultCode": "Approved",
 "AuthCode": "abc1234",
 "TransType": "checkStatus",
 "Amount": 2.50,
 "CardType": "Visa",
 "Last4": "0026",
 "Name": "John Doe",
 "CashBack": 0.00,
 "CashBackString": "0.00",
 "Message": "This is a sample message",
 "RefID": "ee0252f6-38bf-4c3f-97d4-a3ecf87cf69b",
 "ProcessorExtraData1":"KaNb015170105002706cAAFEd5e00fJlA m000005",
 "Track1": null,
 "Track2": null,
 "EMV_TC": "B9AB420B0937438F",
 "EMV_TVR": "0800008000",
 "EMV_AID": "A0000000031010",
 "EMV_TSI": "F800",
 "EMV_ATC": "0016",
 "EMV_ARC": "",
 "EMV_CVM": "1",
 "EMV_App_Label": "Visa Credit",
 "EMV_App_Name": "Visa Credit",
 "CardBin": "476173",
 "EntryMethod": "Chip",
 "PaymentMethod": "Credit",
 "TransactionDate": "2019-05-03T08:29:59-05:00",
 "TransactionDateUtc": "2019-05-03T13:29:59Z",
 "InvoiceNumber": null,
 "merchantReceipt": null,
 "receiptTerminal":"Blackline Partners

Client ID: 13318900010001
Cashier ID:
Lane: Store: 

05/01/2015 16:56:25

 Invoice: 78

Account: VISA 401200******0026
Cardholder: TEST CARD /VISA
Authorization Code: 000271


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