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You would use this method to run a transaction on the terminal. To run different types of transactions, change the command value in the request.  Valid command values:

Sale, Refund, Auth, Capture, Void, TipAdjust,
GiftActivate, GiftSale, GiftRefund, GiftAddValue, GiftBalance

In order to do a follow-up transaction (commands in italics), the batch needs to still be open and the RefId from the previous transaction needs to be sent instead of creating a new one. It is also recommended that you create a RefId value for all initial transactions as that will allow you to use the checkStatus() in the event of comm errors.

HTTP Request


JSON Response

  "TerminalID": "1234",
  "ResultCode": "Approved",
  "AuthCode": "abc1234",
  "TransType": "Sale",
  "Amount": 2.50,
  "CardType": "Visa",
  "Last4": "0026",
  "Name": "John Doe",
  "CashBack": 0.00,
  "CashBackString": "0.00",
  "Message": "This is a sample message",
  "RefID": "ee0252f6-38bf-4c3f-97d4-a3ecf87cf69b",
  "ProcessorExtraData1":"KaNb015170105002706cAAFEd5e00fJlA m000005",
  "Track1": null,
  "Track2": null,
  "EMV_TC": "B9AB420B0937438F",
  "EMV_TVR": "0800008000",
  "EMV_AID": "A0000000031010",
  "EMV_TSI": "F800",
  "EMV_ATC": "0016",
  "EMV_App_Label": "Visa Credit",
  "EMV_App_Name": "Visa Credit",
  "CardBin": "476173",
  "EntryMethod": "Chip",
  "receiptTerminal":"Blackline Partners

Client ID:  13318900010001
Cashier ID: 
Lane:                            Store: 
05/01/2015                      16:56:25
                Invoice: 78
Account:  VISA 401200******0026
Cardholder:  TEST CARD   /VISA
Authorization Code:  000271

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