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This method will attempt to settle the open batch in the terminal. Both the credit and gift batches are settled at the same time, you cannot settle them independently. Possible response codes:
-1 – Batch close is not supported on the terminal
0 – Batch closed failed, the message field will contain the reason is available.
1 – Success – A batch with zero transactions usually returns a success code

The response fields with total will have the combined amounts of both the credit and gift batches.

HTTP Request


JSON Response (standard transaction response fields)

"TerminalID": 1372,
"RefID": "3423",
"ResultCodeCredit": "1",
"ResultCodeGift": "1",
"MessageCredit": "APPROVED",
"MessageGift": "Settled",
"BatchNumCredit": "110",
"BatchNumGift": "4",
"TransCntTotal": 1,
"AmtTotal": 2.02,
"AmtTotalString": "2.02",
"TransCntCredit": 1,
"AmtCredit": 2.02,
"AmtCreditString": "2.02",
"TransCntGift": 0,
"AmtGift": 0,
"AmtGiftString": "0"

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