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In order to start testing, please contact us to obtain a reseller id.  Once you have the reseller id you would first call the pairTerminal() method of the api which will return an API Key/Pwd and terminalID which you would store on your end. You would then use those credentials with the runTransaction method to run a sale. Please be sure to read the area in red on the pairing page as it describes the importance of the referenceID when calling the pairTerminal method.

All commands require a key, pwd and terminalID parameter which is obtained from the pairTerminal method.

When complete with the integration, we highly recommend testing your integration with our best practices guide.  Cloud based payments is unique and with years of experience, these best practice can help eliminate known long term errors. https://econduit.cloud/docs/api/best-practices-testing-and-receipts/


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