Our cloud payment API
is the only SAAS platform
available globally.

Because the payment devices are not certified by eConduit, we have the flexibility and reach to add any payment devices in any country to our cloud, bringing the best of breed to all.
Global Payment Integration

Our global web based API gives your software unmatched reach and connections to leading payment processors, technology and payment solutions globally. Best of all, our API is web based and accommodates and OS systems.

Hardware Variety

We connect to leading hardware solutions globally. We leverage the knowledge, location and presense of well established hardware providers to give our clients the best of breed devices in the country of choice. Leading hardware includes, Ingenico, VeriFone, Pax, Dejavoo, AEVI and others.

Cloud Based Payment API

Connect to our API for any device, hardware or operating system. Our unique cloud based management system all you a single point of integration while maintaining an access point to download, management and ping devices regardless of physical location.

Local Hardware Distribution

We back our services with distribution points globally to handle sales, deployment and support of payment hardware if required. If you prefer to deploy and create an additional revenue source, programs are flexible and created per each partner.

All Payment Types

No payments left behind, by connecting to leading local hardware in the country of integration, we have access to country specific payments type. Interac, contactless, NFC, EMV, Apple Pay or unique government oversight regulations are easily obtained with the eConduit cloud.

Payments Your Way

No more chains that bind, eConduit allows POS providers the flexibility to choose hardware, processor or program of choice. Exclusive, non-exclusive, or allow freedom for clients to choose, eConduit supports your hardware, country and deployment needs.

eConduit Platform

Being in the cloud provides unmatched expansive reach – we can go where our competitors can’t and address the needs of our clients in days versus years. Once a new solution is available, it’s available to all.