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The procedures below will guide integrating the Ingenico ICT 250 device with Chase Paymentech Canada to your POS.

Prior to installation, the following are required:

  1. Obtain an Ingenico ICT 250 device from your paymentech sales rep, inform their the device should support semi-integrated
  2. In the installation material read “Configuring your ICT terminal” and follow the steps below
    • Press the [#} key for the admin menu
    • Press 9 or scroll down to [Misc. Options]
    • Press [1] or [enter] for Semi-Integrated
    • Press [1] to Enabled Semi-Integrated Menu
    • Press [F1] to turn on Semi-Integrated
    • Press [2] to enter Communication Type
    • Select [3] Ethernet
    • Enter 5020 and green button
    • Enter [3] for Receipt options
    • Select [2] for terminal
    • Hit red button until at main screen, should say Welcome/Bonjour.

Manager password: P123456

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